To continue excellently in all that we do and cover the whole nation with our electricity concrete poles, solar renewable energy solutions and street light poles until we become number one in the industry.


Ensuring safety and using quality materials in our projects in accordance to specifications. Locating production centers strategically to enable uninterrupted flow of products to customers and reduce risk of transportation. Investment in state of the art facilities and equipments.


The company has major of the equipments that are required to handle all construction projects and has arrangement to hire or lease any special equipment that may be required as the case may be. Some of the available equipments include:

Tipping Trucks, Concrete Mixers, Excavators, Vibrator Machines, Bulldozers, Pickup Vans, Hand Mixers, Hiab Crane, Earth Tester, Survey Equipment, Ranging Poles, Generator Plants, Water Tanker, Jack Hammer, Dynamometer, Air Compressor, Soil Compactor, Pickup Vans & Trucks, Hand Mixers, Welding Machines, Cutting Machines, Oxygen Cutter, Meter for Gas, Poker, Welding Tongue, Pack of Electrode, Welding Mask, Hand Glove, Cutting Nozle, Oxygen Pipe, Compressor Spraying Machines, Vibrating Machines and Drilling Machines.